Tribe Archipelago Presets

Earlier this week I got the new presets released by the amazing folks over at Looks Like Film. They are called Tribe Archipelago and they are pretttttty awesome. They were made by a small group of talented photographers, with the goal of creating presets that require very little adjustments or "tweaking." They definitely succeeded! All of the images below have adjustments made only to the exposure, sharpening, and grain. Some of the presets have very muted tones, which normally isn't my style, but I have to say that depending on the image, it actually looks quite nice. I've used VSCO for the past few years and still love them, but I'm happy to add Tribe Archipelago to my arsenal of presets :) Initial faves are D+H 04, RyanLongnecker 03, & LXC 04. The black and whites in each set are great too. Keep scrolling to see some samples of these presets used on my personal work - just some photos of my family/pets and studio-mates.

You can purchase the presets here!