Today we went on a freezing cold studio "fieldtrip" downtown to do a little photowalk. Jay had the idea to shoot a theme, and we all agreed on 'people walking past doorways.' Rules: one camera, one lens, shoot at f9 only. I chose my D750 and an 85mm lens. 

I ended up with three shots that fit the theme. THREE.

I've never really dabbled in street photography, and also the only time I ever shoot at f9 is during fun dancing shots at wedding receptions. I love shooting wide open, so this was stepping waaaaay out of my comfort zone. Even though I only ended up with 3 images for the theme, and we froze our butts off, I still had a lot fun. We are going to try and get out more in the coming weeks and do some challenges that help us to use our gear differently and see things differently. 

Here are the 3 frames that fit our theme:

And here are some other frames that I just liked :)

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