This is a long post, so be forewarned :) My cousin Becky and her fiance Nick were engaged a while back. From the start, they knew they wanted a destination wedding. It took a while to get there, but everything fell together this past fall. They decided on a 3-night cruise, with a beach wedding in Key West. I was invited along to be their photographer, and since my husband had never been on a cruise before we decided he should come along too. 

As with any wedding and any trip, there were a few hiccups. Lost bags, passport issues, a forecast of storms on the wedding day, CHOPPY water, wedding hair problems....but despite the few things that went wrong, the wedding day and entire trip was pretty amazing. Day one we boarded the ship, caught up with my family, met Nick's awesome family and friends, and that night there was a super fun party on the deck.

Day two we landed in Nassau. The one thing that sucks about being on a cruise ship is that there is no cell phone service so you have to rely on room-to-room phone calls. I called my cousins in the morning with no answer, and apparently they called us too, but we must have just missed each other. I had hoped to make some cool portraits of Nick and Becky on the island, so we headed out in the hopes that we'd run into them somewhere, but we never did find them. They even stopped in the restaurant where they knew we'd be having lunch, but (again) we just missed each other! So my husband and I just walked around for a bit, headed back to the boat in the afternoon, and caught up with everyone at dinner. That night it rained so instead of sitting out on the deck all evening, we hung out in one of the lounges and did "band-e-oke" with one of the ship's music groups. It was super fun :)

Day three was the wedding day!! In the morning it was still drizzling, and we got to Key West under pretty gloomy skies. After a few phone calls to the wedding coordinator (back in the States and back near land, so, cell phone service - yay!), it was decided that the 12:30pm ceremony would be pushed back to 2:00, just to be on the safe side. The schedule had to be rearranged a bit but everyone just went with it. And as everyone was getting ready, the skies miraculously cleared and it ended up being a GORGEOUS sunny day. 

The wedding itself was on a pretty stretch of a public beach. A small, short, intimate ceremony - the best. After, the whole group boarded a shuttle to head to a brewery/restaurant/bar for wedding cake and drinks. We had probably the BEST tour guide in Key West. He was hilarious and pointed out some unique things along the way. After celebrating for a bit, we were able to walk around the island for a little over an hour to just take pictures of Nick and Becky. It was amazing and I kind of fell in love with Key West. 

I also have to give a big shout-out to my husband who helped me shoot on the wedding day. He volunteered all on his own and he captured some awesome images. Love that guy :)

Nick and Becky - thank you so much for including us in your wedding. I can't even tell you how much fun we had! You two are an amazing couple and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!!