Halloween is hands-down my favorite holiday. This year we had a ton of Halloween stuff on the books. Our first "trunk or treat" at Fox's school was on Thursday, we threw a party for our grown-up friends on Friday night, and spent yesterday and today at St. James with my family for our annual Halloween weekend (and still have trick or treating tomorrow on actual Halloween night). I am in heaven, ha!

Celebrating Halloween in St. James is definitely at the top of my list of favorite weekends of the entire year. My mom decorates the house and does all the cooking/cleaning and insists NO ONE helps her. My dad sets up an awesome "haunted walk" in the woods, where the adults take turns scaring the kids and trying to scare each other - mostly unsuccessfully, although my dad almost got us this year. We carve pumpkins (I made a Stormtrooper pumpkin this year, kinda proud of it) and tell scary stories around the campfire. The kids play, and then fight, and then play some more. The neighbor's dogs hang out with us ALLLLL weekend long. And I of course take an obscene amount of photos :) It's honestly the most fun. Whenever we can, we also try and stop in our favorite place, Meramac Spring, just outside of town. We went today to hang out and feed the fish, Fox loves it.

Thanks for a great weekend, family! Love you guys!

Hope everyone else has an awesome Halloween tomorrow!