This is hands-down one of my favorite sessions to date. I'll give you guys a little backstory :)

I've known of Brooks Bracken for probably close to a decade. Our circles of friends overlapped a bit in the mid-2000's as he was the awesome lead singer for a pretty well-known local band, and I was just baaaaarely on the edge of the music scene, singing in a little folk-rock band. I remember being super intimidated by him and his band-mates, thinking they were most likely way too cool for me. Fast-forward several years, and now he and his wonderful fiance Olivia are two of our closest friends. If someone would have told me years ago at a King Thief show, "hey, one day you're going to be super awesome friends with a couple of those dudes," I wouldn't have believed them. Time is a funny thing :)

Brooks and Olivia had some unique ideas for their engagement session. Lovers of all things "dark," one of their ideas was to feature them lying in a coffin. When Brooks told me, I thought he might be messing with me (If you know Brooks, you know he has a weird sense of humor). But it turns out, he was serious. And if I'm being honest, while I am ALWAYS up for a challenge and I love shooting things that are outside of my comfort zone, I was slightly nervous as to how this might turn out. Well....I kind of love the result. It's pretty different than most things I've done in the past. I wanted the rest of their session to be unique too, so based on their personalities and style, I tried to choose some other locations and ideas that would suit them as a couple. 

Brooks and Olivia share an intense love that I feel is rare. I wanted that to shine through in their images. They are two very unique, imaginative souls, and they are completely perfect for each other.

B & O - thanks for having a vision and trusting me to execute it for you. Hope you love what you see so far!