A lot of things have changed in the 15 years since I graduated from high school, but some things haven't. Liz is still the bright, gorgeous, hilarious girl I knew in school, only now she is married and a mom to an adorable little doll named Frankie (and a sweet fur-baby named Berty). Coincidentally, she also ended up in the wedding industry as well! She is a talented makeup artist and is one half of the team at Style Me Beautiful

Liz and her husband Mike were kind enough to welcome me over for a lifestyle session recently. Their stylish home has tons of beautiful light, which made shooting there so awesome. You can tell that these two are just absolutely smitten with their sweet little girl. Frankie was very interested in my camera, which was so fun! We made sure to get plenty of shots of the family just hangin' out, and also documented bath-time, which Frankie loves. Berty was a big fan of the camera too. She would sit and stare at me and wait for me to take her picture, I died :) I really had such a blast with this family!

I can't say it enough, lifestyle sessions are my absolute favorite. They are so relaxed, fun, low pressure, and a more realistic glimpse into the everyday moments you might want to remember in the future. They are also a great option in the winter months to avoid the frigid temps outdoors :)

Liz and Mike - thank you so much for welcoming me into your home! I hope you'll cherish these images of you with your babies!!