If you're reading this and you're a photographer, you'll probably understand. When another photographer asks you to photograph them, it is equal parts nerve-wracking and flattering. Especially when that photographer is Cassidy Parker-Smith, someone that I respect and admire greatly. I met Cassidy when she and her husband Drew moved back to St. Louis after living in Brooklyn for several years. Drew landed a job with my husband and I connected with Cassidy on social media and finally in-person at an informal photo meet-up. I instantly liked her and I'm happy I'm able to call her a friend :) I was beyond flattered and excited when she asked me to do a lifestyle session in their (awesome) Webster Groves home.

When you're a photographer, 95% of the time you are behind the camera photographing your own family, so I know Cass wanted some shots of her and Drew and their baby girl all together. And lets go ahead talk about their baby for a sec. Dot is the sweetest, smiliest, rolly-polliest little thing and she makes me want to have another baby like, yesterday. I'm telling you, she is the best. See for yourself in the following images :) I absolutely loved capturing some sweet moments of this awesome family! 

Thanks Drew and Cass! xoxo