I find it extremely difficult to write about my photographs, so I will probably keep this relatively short. Out of the three year-end blog posts I've done, this one is probably the longest. I take an obscene amount of photos around the house. My son is my favorite subject and photographing him just seems to come naturally to me. When he was a baby and I was a VERY anxious new mom, I would pull out my camera when I didn't know what else to do with him. Just to give me something to take my mind off of the anxiety I often felt. It somehow helped me make it through the long days at home with him. As he has grown, photographing him is still a really fun activity for the both of us when we are just hanging around the house, but it's also become so important to me to document his childhood. I promise that my camera is not glued to my face 24/7 though - I sometimes remind myself to put it down and just be in the moment :) But, I am super grateful that I have all of these images to one day help me remember what our life was like. And I know I'm incredibly biased, but the little guy is just model material.

2015 was really an amazing year. It was my busiest year for client work. I moved my office out of my home and into a studio space with two other very talented photographers who I admire so much. I learn something new from them pretty much every single day (check them out: Jacob Loafman & Jaimie Nicole Krause). My husband and I took a trip to the west coast where we drove from Portland to San Francisco and it was INCREDIBLE. I went from shooting with one camera to being a dual shooter and my life will never be the same. My Mac pretty much bit the dust and I had to upgrade to a new one that has made things so much easier and faster. We moved our son from a crib to a big boy bed and we are currently experiencing the joys of potty-training (yikes). I learned that I love photographing dust and snails, and I learned how to use a prism and how to free-lens. We (by "we" I mean my husband) completed multiple home-improvement projects. I joined the Looks Like Film group on Facebook and even had a little write-up back in April (you can see it here). 

Yes. It really was a good year. I'm so excited to see what 2016 has in store :)

Happy New Year, everyone!!