I am so excited to share this wedding! Megan and James are an awesome couple, it was such a pleasure being able to tell the story of their wedding day. I love couples that have an interesting dynamic, and watching Megan and James interact was a lot of fun. Megan is pretty soft-spoken and very sweet, and James has a really goofy sense of humor (maybe my favorite part of the day was when he smashed wedding cake into his OWN face). They seem to balance each other out in the best way :) 

The wedding itself was gorgeous. Megan and James planned an intimate ceremony and reception earlier this fall at a local park. It was amazing! Megan is a designer, so it came as no surprise that all of the details were beautiful, pretty much all of which were hand-done (even the florals, which were stunning!) by Megan herself. It's always awesome to see couples put a lot of themselves into their wedding. This wedding was also super unique due to the silent disco that took place at the reception, a work-around to the noise ordinance at the park. Everyone seemed to really love it and have a great time!

Big thanks to Jaimie of Jaimie Nicole Krause Photography AND my awesome husband Michael Forbis for shooting this wedding with me! 

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