Dave and Mairin were married in a private ceremony in Pittsburg last fall, and they chose to celebrate with their friends and family here in their hometown of St. Louis this January. Willow is a brand new venue downtown, and served as the perfect location for the party. Michelle and the team at Absolutely In! Events did an amazing job of bringing Mairin and Dave's vision to life. The space was filled with cozy seating, industrial lighting, and lush greenery. We were blown away when we saw everything! But what we loved most about this celebration is that it was so full of joy, love, and laughter :)

Dave and Mairin, you have been an absolute pleasure to work with! We are so glad we met you both, and wish you every happiness in the years to come!!

Check out all of the wonderful vendors for this event!

Venue: Willow

Makeup: Sophia Spoto

Hair: Valerie Brown

Photobooth: Smilebooth

Planning: Absolutely In! Events

Flowers: Artistry Florist

Rentals: Exclusive Events


Brooks and Olivia came into our lives a few years ago and have become some of our closest friends. We were so honored to be a part of their wedding. We witnessed the entire planning process and to see their vision come to life was amazing. They planned a wedding that perfectly suited them as a couple. What they wore, the venue they booked, the details, the officiant and wedding party they chose - it was all so THEM. I love that they stepped out of the norm and threw a wedding that was incredibly personal. 

Generally with blog posts, I tend to group photos together - for example, I'll put all of the girls getting ready photos together, and then all of the guys together - but for this one I decided to just leave it in chronological order. Sometimes I think it's cool to see what is happening in two different places at the same time. Forbis hung out with the guys at the Cheshire, while I was with the ladies at Brooks and Olivia's home (ps can I just say I love when people get ready at home, it feels so much more personal!). We met up for their first look downtown, and then walked around and created some images with the wedding party on the city streets. A short and sweet ceremony followed, and then lots of toasts, games, food and dancing ended the night. A big thanks to Jaimie Krause for hanging out at the reception so I could get on the dancefloor with my friends :) 

Brooks and Olivia, we love you so much and hope you enjoy your images!! 


Katie + Forbis


Halloween is hands-down my favorite holiday. This year we had a ton of Halloween stuff on the books. Our first "trunk or treat" at Fox's school was on Thursday, we threw a party for our grown-up friends on Friday night, and spent yesterday and today at St. James with my family for our annual Halloween weekend (and still have trick or treating tomorrow on actual Halloween night). I am in heaven, ha!

Celebrating Halloween in St. James is definitely at the top of my list of favorite weekends of the entire year. My mom decorates the house and does all the cooking/cleaning and insists NO ONE helps her. My dad sets up an awesome "haunted walk" in the woods, where the adults take turns scaring the kids and trying to scare each other - mostly unsuccessfully, although my dad almost got us this year. We carve pumpkins (I made a Stormtrooper pumpkin this year, kinda proud of it) and tell scary stories around the campfire. The kids play, and then fight, and then play some more. The neighbor's dogs hang out with us ALLLLL weekend long. And I of course take an obscene amount of photos :) It's honestly the most fun. Whenever we can, we also try and stop in our favorite place, Meramac Spring, just outside of town. We went today to hang out and feed the fish, Fox loves it.

Thanks for a great weekend, family! Love you guys!

Hope everyone else has an awesome Halloween tomorrow!


Katie and Mike are an amazing, beautiful couple who are so very much in love. Their wedding was classic, elegant, and fun. We hung out in the always gorgeous Forest Park, the place where Mike proposed to Katie. The reception was conveniently located at the History Museum, which is such a beautiful venue for a wedding reception! 

We had a wonderful time with Mike and Katie and their friends and family! It was an awesome day filled with lots of love and laughter....what's better than that? :)

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I've been photographing this family for almost 5 years. Their kids are the absolute BEST, sweetest kids. They are always wanting to hold my hand or get in my car and drive around with me, ha! They definitely know the way to their photographer's heart <3

Love the life and energy in these images. We had a blast together!


I'm not good with words. I'm even worse when it comes to talking about feelings. Feelings sort of gross me out. But I'm full of feelings after this workshop. 

When the folks at Looks Like Film asked me to be a part of their speaker line-up at the "Choo Choo Camp" workshop I literally thought they were insane. I think I may have laughed out loud because I thought it was a joke. After realizing they weren't joking, my gut instinct was to say no. But I just couldn't find it in me to do that. So...I reluctantly agreed, and for the following 6 months I internally panicked almost daily. I won't lie, I went through a bit of a dark patch where I questioned everything I did. I looked at the attendees, most of which have work that far exceeds my own, and wondered why they weren't asked instead. I mentally picked apart all of my images and even stopped posting out of fear that I wasn't good enough and that people would see my photos and wonder why the hell I was chosen to speak. Basically, I freaked out. Aside from questioning my work and my worth, I also suffer from pretty severe stage fright and a total fear of public speaking. Add in that I was due to be speaking in front of so many people that I GREATLY admire, and my stress level went through the roof. And then when the schedule came out they had me sandwiched in between Nessa K and Sam Hurd on the second day, LOL!!! I about died. 

After managing to get through my talk without puking all over everyone, and spending 5 days with some of the best people I've ever met in my life, I'd say this was the most WORTH IT experience of my entire life, outside of childbirth. All of the nerves, the stress, the self-doubt....I would do it all again in a heartbeat. 

It's hard for me to express just how meaningful this workshop was to me. I learned so much from listening to the other speakers, but more importantly made some personal connections with people from across the globe that left my heart really incredibly full. It's like somehow the stars aligned and all of the most amazing people either spoke at or attended this workshop. We laughed a lot, ate a shitload of pizza, drank maybe a little too much, sang our hearts out, created images together, and shared inspiration and fears. I pretty much fell head over heels in love with all of the people there. 

I cannot thank Lukas Piatek and all of the people at Looks Like Film for organizing this workshop and including me in it. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never, ever forget. A special shout-out to my dear friend Jacob Loafman for believing that I could do this (and sitting next to me day in and day out at the studio while I freaked out). Also to my husband, who helped me immensely and came to the workshop too. Just having him by my side makes me cooler by association, and it's not lost on me that I pretty much hit the marriage jackpot by ending up with someone as charming, silly, warm, friendly, talented, excited, driven, and hilarious as him. I am so lucky.

If you have a chance, check out the work of the other photographers I was honored to speak among. They are all wonderful people with truly inspiring work.

Nisha Ravji

Marc Pacura

Thierry Joubert

Nessa K

Sam Hurd

Alex James

Twyla Jones

Pablo Beglez

Live shoots were held by Thierry, Sam, Twyla, Pablo, Jacob Loafman, and Lukas Piatek.

Here are some of my images from the week :)


This is going to be another long wedding post (sorry not sorry) :). We have been so incredibly lucky to have had the most amazing weddings this fall! It makes it awfully hard to narrow down what images to use in a blog post, ha!

I knew Lisa and Ricky were a great fit for me when we hung over over beers at Sasha's Wine Bar on the day we shot their engagement session. They planned their St. Louis wedding all the way from New Haven, Connecticut and to say we had a great time would be an understatement. Their beautiful ceremony was held at St. Cecilia's, and we hung out with the wedding party downtown for a bit before heading to 4 Hands Brewery so everyone could just relax and enjoy a beer. Lisa and Ricky specifically wanted to make a fun stop for their wedding party, and I'm so glad they did! We got to steal them away for a few minutes before the reception for some portraits around Soulard, which is a fun and diverse place to shoot. 

The Franklin Room served as the venue for their reception, and it's such a cool space! There was lots of dancing, lots of laughter, and hilarious and heartfelt toasts. You could definitely tell that all of their guests had a wonderful time!

Lisa and Ricky - thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day! We had an absolute blast and wish you all the best in your marriage! 

Huge thank you to my awesome husband for shooting this wedding with me! <3

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I'm admittedly a fan of shooting in the late afternoon, because I feel like the light is so warm and pretty. However, Ashley and Peter were only in town for a short while, so an evening session wasn't really an option. They agreed to do an early morning shoot, and met me at 8:30am. The light was so amazing, and they were total troopers for helping me explore a location I hadn't used before. I also loved what they chose to wear, the colors were perfect against the green background.

Ashley and Peter are such a sweet couple, and super fun to have in front of the camera - can't wait until their wedding next year!


Katherine and Patrick are a gorgeous young couple that are high school sweethearts and have been together for 11 years. Yet looking at them on their wedding day, you would have thought they were very newly in love. The level of excitement and joy was absolutely through the roof, which tells me that despite being together for so long, these two are still very much in love and so excited for their future together. Katherine had a huge smile on her face all day long and could often be heard squealing in such a genuinely delighted way that it made everyone around her laugh. She's one of those people whose happiness is just utterly infectious. Patrick is slightly more reserved than his new wife, but you could see the happiness in his eyes. All day he was looking at Katherine like he had just won the best prize on earth. You can totally tell that these two are the real deal.

Every wedding comes with it's own set of surprises, and due to a miscommunication Patrick was just slightly late for the ceremony. So you'll see a prime example of what it looks like when a photographer is completely unprepared for a groom to literally RUN down the altar stairs to retrieve his waiting bride! Somehow, even that mishap was such an endearing moment, later joked about at the reception.

On top of working with such an amazing and sweet couple, this wedding was seriously gorgeous. Bloomin' Buckets created some of the most stunning florals I've probably ever seen. The Coronado served as an elegant and warm space for the reception. Every detail was perfectly executed.

We had such a wonderful time with Katherine and Patrick on their wedding day! See their vendor list below and then scroll on to see the highlights :)

Ceremony // St. Cecilia's

Reception // Coronado Ballroom

Florals // Bloomin Buckets

Makeup // Beauty by Whitney

Hair // Cassandra Luebbers & Erica Young

Videography // The amazing Mike Dalton Films. This was our first time working with Mike and Emily and they are so awesome! Highly recommend if you're looking for a videographer for your wedding :)

Dress // Ultimate Bride



When I met AnnMarie and Brady for the first time, it didn't take long to conclude that these two are totally meant for each other. AnnMarie is as sweet as she is gorgeous, and Brady is hilarious and charming. I was excited about their wedding for months, despite never having laid eyes on their venue. And their wedding day turned out to be perfect. AnnMarie and Brady were so relaxed and you could tell they were truly 100% present and enjoying every moment. This made photographing them an absolute joy. 

The couple planned an elegant yet casual and fun affair at Les Bourgeois Vineyards just outside of Columbia, MO. The ceremony was held atop bluffs that overlook the Missouri River. After the ceremony, they threw an amazing reception for their friends and family. A lot of them traveled to be at the wedding, some of AnnMarie's family came all the way from India! 

My husband was my sidekick again for this wedding, and AnnMarie and Brady truly made us feel like old friends. We likely would have stayed and partied with them, had I not been scheduled for an early morning session the next day back in St. Louis! We really enjoyed every aspect of this day. AnnMarie and Brady - thank you so much for being amazing people to work for! We had a blast and wish you both a lifetime and beyond of happiness :)

Be sure to check out their vendors!

Hair/makeup // The very talented Danielle Shocklee is a close friend of AnnMarie's, and actually referred me to this amazing couple (thanks Danielle!). In my opinion, she is one of the best in St. Louis. She has such a talent for enhancing every bride's natural beauty. AnnMarie looked incredible on her wedding day!

AnnMarie's dress // Another close friend of the bride, Jessica, actually owns White Traditions Bridal here in St. Louis. Ann-Marie's dress was absolutely stunning and was totally perfect for her!

Venue // Les Bourgeois Vineyard in Rocheport, MO

Flowers // The flowers were done by Petal Pushers, which is owned by the stepmom of one of Ann-Marie's friends' (do you sense a pattern here?) :)

DJ //  DJ Uptown kept the party going and as a bonus, was a super awesome guy!

Okay, enough talking, scroll down to see this beautiful wedding!